China, Spring, and Tyree

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China, Spring, and Tyree are a sibling group of three. These children need to be placed together in a forever home that will show them consistency, love, and support to each of them.

China, 11

China is a ten year old female in the fifth grade. China is very social and outgoing. She befriends other children easily, and is very energetic. China loves to perform for others especially by singing and dancing, and is currently in the drama club. China has also participated in the girl scouts in the past and enjoys playing outside. Her appearance is very important to her, and she enjoys shopping and having her hair done. She is currently learning responsibility by cleaning her room and part of her bathroom. China does better with a family that can provide her with a consistent schedule and a routine. She thrives when she understands the expectations she has within the family. China is inquisitive and responds well to curiosity. She really enjoys school and likes to be a leader amongst other students. China enjoys being a part of a community, especially through school, church, and family.

Spring, 10

Spring is a nine year old female in the fourth grade. Spring is very active and athletic. Spring loves to perform and show off her skills for others. She has a creative imagination and is a great story teller. Spring responds well to a maternal figure when she needs attention, and really likes to be cuddled and hugged. She has a strong desire for connection and affection. Spring enjoys helping other children, especially those who are younger than her. Spring is very considerate and thinks about what other people want and need. She also needs a caregiver that can be patient with her, especially as she is learning the protocol of a new home and how she can get her needs met.

Tyree, 9

Tyree is an eight year old male in the third grade. He is a very sweet, caring boy who loves to play sports and be outdoors. Tyree loves to go fishing and has learned to garden. He was excited to grow a successful tomato plant last year. Tyree does very well with a male role model, but loves his “Mom” time too. Tyree likes to keep his room and bathroom clean, and he likes his time to himself as he is learning to be more independent. He enjoys being helpful around the house, and displaying his wonderful manners. Tyree loves school and is very academically minded. He especially enjoys the satisfaction of showing his caregivers good reports and grades. Tyree enjoys quality one-on-one time with his caregivers and loves being part of a family.

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