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Shanecia, 16

A picture is worth a thousand words, but my eyes are nearly the disguise. There’s a twinkle you would see if you peered deep into them. That twinkle influences me to dream big; my ambition is the fire beneath my feet! I am so very young, but I like to view myself as unique. I value this quality. I wish to be Shanecia, nobody else, the one, the only, Shanecia. When I close my eyes, I dream. I dream of preaching to congregations. I dream of attending Harvard. I am one step closer to it; I have recently skipped a grade! I dream of ultimately changing the world around me and leaving my mark on society. However, when I am not dreaming or working hard on my studies; I am zooming across the basketball court or showing off my skills while roller-skating. In the meantime, I will be longing, longing to one day meet you. I long to feel the warmth of your heart, to be happy, and most importantly, welcomed. I dream of changing the world, but could you be the change in my world? I am writing, diligently, working on my own story. I enjoy history and language arts thoroughly. My story is not over; it has only just begun. One day, perhaps, you could be my fairytale ending. You could be my change. You could unleash the latch on the door, welcoming me into your forever home.

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