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Montanna, 16

Montanna is a Caucasian male who is a very engaging child and is very likeable. He is very playful and likes to make jokes. He loves socializing with his friends and playing video games. He is very creative and artistic. Montanna loves to express himself through different forms of art such as painting and crafts. He also loves to play guitar and practices often. He uses these artistic expressions as coping skills when he is upset or stressed.

Montanna enjoys being outdoors and loves biking, fishing and swimming, though he is not much into contact sports. He enjoys skateboarding and is into cars. He has recently played the bongo drums in a group performance for Black History Month at his current facility.

Montanna is a good student and is maintaining passing grades. Montanna appreciates presents and positive reinforcement. He recognizes his need for one-on-one attention and thrives when nurtured. He is fun, loving, playful and intelligent. He has a smart wit about him. Montanna desires a family that is unconditionally committed to adopting him.

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