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Jaylen, 13

Jaylen is an outgoing, fun loving and sweet young man. He enjoys being active; therefore, his favorite "subject" in school is P.E. Jaylen enjoys riding his bike, but most of all he loves competitive sports like football and basketball. He also enjoys running and can run fast! Jaylen, like most boys his age, loves playing video games.

He loves most any show on Cartoon Network. Jaylen can be friendly, caring and empathetic. He needs a structured environment that allows him to be a child. Jaylen wants to be part of a family. He responds well to positive rewards and can be redirected when he becomes upset. He enjoys lots of one-on-one attention. It is recommended Jaylen is the only child. Jaylen needs a family that will spend time with him, support him educationally and in his activities and help guide him towards the bright future he deserves.

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