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Genya, 16


Genya is a very bright and charismatic young man. He does well in school and just landed his first part-time job. Genya has many interests and is always looking for a new hobby. He hopes to one day share these interests with a family of his own. Genya is also a very talented musician; he specifically enjoys playing classic rock on his guitar. In addition to this instrumental talent, Genya is naturally active- his favorite sport being soccer. He is a polite and sociable boy who makes a lasting impression on nearly every person he meets. Despite the potentially crippling hardships he has faced in his life, Genya has a genuinely good heart and a surviving attitude. He is optimistic about his future and deserves a loving family who can nurture his growth and provide stability as he matures into a healthy and successful young man. Genya would thrive with a family who is able to devote the desired time and attention he so craves. He does best in structured environments and benefits from opportunities to process in times of conflict. Genya loves dogs and would be thrilled to have siblings close to his age. Though more than anything, Genya hopes to have a family who sincerely cares for him and will be there when he needs them.

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