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Eric, 16

Eric is a young man who has been in foster care since 2005. He and his brother came into care together and were placed together until the brother's adoption was finalized in 2013. Although the brother's adoptive family chose not to adopt Eric, it was put in the adoption court order for visitation to continue and Eric and his brother both look forward to those days. Due to previous family circumstances, Eric often took on the parenting role and had to sometimes be reminded to be a kid. Eric still attempts to take on the parent role when younger kids are present. Eric was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder which sometimes manifests itself in his acting out to see if his foster parents are going to continue to want him in their home or "give up on him". Unfortunately, due to Eric's past history, he doesn't trust other people easily and waits for someone to no longer want him. Eric can easily test limits; however, if expectations are clear with clean and consistent consequence, he might just surprise you. Eric does well with the guidance of a strong male role model who can teach him yet care for him at the same time. A two parent home might be the best situation for Eric. This young man likes to rap, is a fan of football and likes to draw. Since entering the group home, he is making strides in his behaviors and manners. He has just started the 10th grade at a new school and is anxious to see what this year brings. He has a smile that will just capture your heart.

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