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Eric, 13


Eric is a very special child who will require very special parents to meet his developmental, cognitive, physical, and educational needs. He communicates by repeating learned phrases or words, vocalizations, gestures, facial expressions and/or physical contact. Eric eats independently with prompting by an adult, needing moderate intervention usually to cut some foods into bite-size portions and to monitor portion intake. He can assist with some dressing skills and can unzip and take off his jacket. Eric follows a toileting schedule but is not yet toilet trained. Supervision at all times will be a necessity to ensure his safety. Eric is quite the entertainer. Eric also loves to pretend that he is singing or preaching. Music is calming to Eric and he is able to perform his chores with no problems with a musical background. Eric turns on his radio in the morning while getting ready for school and sings while in the shower and also uses his headphones in school as a calming mechanism. Eric’s IEP for 2013/2104 will consist of music therapy. Eric is generally a happy preteen with a pleasant disposition; however, he can be strong willed at times and can become frustrated when he feels that his needs are not being met or he is in an unfamiliar situation. Separation from his foster family will be extremely difficult for him, and may require an extensive period of visitation. He is attending the ARC program in the afternoon and strides have been noted in his social and behavioral skills. He enjoys ARC and will need to continue in this or a similar program in his adoptive placement. He is in the ID classroom with an IEP, where he has a 1:1 aide to assist him with redirection and personal care. He has experience riding the bus to and from school.


This video features the song “Reggae Instrumental 2″ by VJ Memes, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

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