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Ed'Tonia, 14

Ed’Tonia is a very loving young lady who is very shy when interacting with a new person, but with kindred spirits and just a little bit of effort, she crawls out of her shell beautifully. Her personality blossoms, and although she is very introverted, her sense of humor shines when interacting with her peers and even through a camera when taking photos after just taking a little time to get her out of her comfort zone. Ed’Tonia is very intelligent and enjoys displaying this when partaking in art and playing games such as, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" She challenges herself when choosing the fifth grade questions and loves to play board games.

Ed’Tonia favorite color is Blue, and she loves using this color when putting together wonderful works of art! She can make a box with a lid out of construction paper and knows how to knit by using just her hands and wrists. She sells her own handmade pieces, for example headbands and aspires to be an entrepreneur one day. She wishes to own her own business. She has dreams and aspirations and plans to accomplish them one day. All she needs is a loving family and guidance to do so. She’s already on her way and on the right track.

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