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Donnavin, 16

Donnavin desires to find a forever family that will invest in his life and be actively involved in his activities. He loves to play video games, basketball, and ride BMX bikes. He also enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, and swimming. He enjoys listening to rap music and using his Nintendo DS to watch YouTube videos. Donnavin’s favorite subjects in school are math and physical education. Donnavin is an advocate for himself and is straight forward. Donnavin wants to be loved and cared for by a family- a family he can love right back!! He will benefit from being with a very structured family. He enjoys lots of one-on-one attention. His ideal family would be a two parent home, but he is open to a single parent family. He desires to be the youngest or only child. Donnavin has had a very difficult life in his short 15 years and needs to find a strong family that can provide him stability, security, and unconditional love. Donnavin enjoys visiting his four siblings and deeply desires to maintain contact with them as well.

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