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Caleb, 15

Caleb, age 14, is a bright, pleasant, friendly and talkative teenager. He is an avid reader and enjoys participating in activities that provoke thinking. Caleb enjoys a variety of reading material, however, Greek mythology is his favorite. When not reading, Caleb enjoys solving puzzles, constructing things with Legos and listening to country music. Caleb’s teachers describe him as intelligent. Academically, Caleb performs at or above average and enjoys learning history facts. His favorite sport is baseball. Caleb is good at accepting responsibility for his actions. He has demonstrated an ability to learn from his mistakes and accepts criticism objectively. Caleb struggles with grief, loss, and controlling his anger. He will need a patient and structured family. Caleb states he is looking for a forever family whom he can trust to never give up on him as he transitions through his teenage years into young adulthood. He would love a country family, as he considers himself a “country boy” that loves to hunt, fish and get dirty.

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