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Brianna, 16

Brianna is a funny, playful 16‐year‐old girl who likes Hello Kitty. She is in the 9 grades are all passing. Brianna loves being active, including activities like skating, bowling, Go‐Karts, and dancing. She has made progress with managing unpleasant emotions and dealing with consequences. She responds best to a calm approach and needs very empathetic parents who can set boundaries in a firm, but loving way. Brianna is very enthusiastic about being adopted and looks forward to finding a family she can call her own. Here are some things Brianna would like you to know about her, in her words:

  • – I want to be active and have fun!
  • – I am usually playful, but sometimes I get angry and need help calming down. Listening to music and watching TV helps.
  • – My favorite snacks are vanilla ice cream and bananas.
  • – I want a family who will stick it out with me.

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