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Ashton, 14


Whether he is tossing a football in the yard or holding a winning hand of Skip-Bo, 14-year-old Ashton enjoys being active. When asked, Ashton says his favorite subject in school is P.E. because “it’s the closes thing to recess!” He has already made significant improvements in the classroom. Ashton is a nice young man with quite a sense of humor. He enjoys a variety of music and can rock out to Michael Jackson and Metallica, at the same time. You are bound to win him over with a strawberry milkshake! Ashton has three siblings and family is very important to him. His forever family would encourage and support his wishes to maintain those connections. He has had to face many tough challenges and hard losses in his lifetime. He needs a family to commit to him with patience and consistency. Ashton is doing well in his current temporary placement and continues to process the “good and bad” of adoption. He suspects this transition will be difficult, but understands that all things come with time. Ashton says he would like a family just like his current placement: a family who would teach him things and take him to church. A two-parent home would best suit this young man’s needs, and Ashton would benefit from being the only child in the family.

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