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Antonia, 15

Meet Antonia...Bubby and vivacious are the best words to describe friendly Antonia. She has recently become involved in an equine therapeutic program where she has fallen in love with horses.
Antonia is an ambitious young lady, who is full of energy! Antonia is a friendly and outgoing teen who enjoys singing, dancing and acting. In her spare time, she loves playing basketball and volleyball. This young lady is excited to be a freshman in High School next year. Antonia’s favorite sweets include: chocolate candy, cupcakes and milkshakes. Her favorite artist is Adele and favorite song is "Hello".
She enjoys helping out others in need in whatever way she can. She would like to go to college and be a doctor when she grows up. Antonia would enjoy being in a rural setting with a family that has horses and other large animals.

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